Black. out!

Don't worry, nobody died... Just getting my New York swag back, planning a trip to NYC in a couple of weeks!  It's been way too long :D

I don't feel like myself in all black :( I can't believe that was my daily uniform when I worked in the city, I don't know how I did it!

Top: Thrifted. Floral sheer <3
Skirt: Vintage & DIY. Bottom part of an 80's cocktail dress
Jewelry: GUESS? lookbook contest :)


This coined/bedazzled shirt is PIMPIN'!!!  

At least, I thought it was... until I counted $1.86 on it. I paid $3!  I should brush up my bargaining skills before I hit the streets of NY, or my wallet will get eaten alive! :(

Top: Thrifted. Coins bedazzled shirt!
Shorts: Harley Davidson & DIY.  High waist biker pants into shorts :)
Shoes: Ebay. Suede & gold studded boots
Shades: H&M. Round sunnies
Hat: Vintage

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  1. You will look stunning in New York! One of the best dressed I am sure xx