Enjoyed a short (but cozy) afternoon with this awesome Cosby sweater before it quickly sold!

Bittersweet... but I'm super happy it found a cool new owner, and I hope it will be loved for many more decades to come! :)

Also, Ring Pops are DA BOMB!... since I rarely wear jewelry, I love the idea of it being temporary (and delicious)!  There should be waaaay more edible accessories out there!  I'd invest in some bling more often if I could bust it out as an afternoon snack every now and then :)

Got a 4 pack for $1 at the 99c store!!! Probably my best score to date :D

Sweater: Vintage. Button down colorful Cosby sweater
Playsuit: Vintage. Exotic floral print romper
Shoes: Vintage. 80's Nike <3


Like my playsuit?

I'll be listing it soon!... in the meantime, check out what's new in the shop!

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