Poets of the Fall

Guess what?

I absolutely hate this skirt!  Truth.  I have no idea why I bought it, except that it must have been 25cents or some shit.  Didn't try it on until afterwards (like, 6 months later to be exact)... and I HATE IT!  Sure, the bitch takes a good photo... but the fit is terrible & that's the end of that!

On better news... I am obsessed with this vintage tapestry blazer I just found! KEEPING!

Jacket: Vintage. Tapestry floral blazer
Top: Vintage. Silk ruffled blouse
Skirt: Blah!
Shoes: Vintage. Suede pixie boots
Shades: Vintage. Oversize sunnies



  1. I don't comment your posts sometimes, but always see them. I' m delighted with your style, looks and combinations of clothes. I love how U combine every part of your set. Sometimes I don't know what to say and I say nothing ;p U are master of good originality. I'm so sad cause I haven't so much money to bay your clothes and to pay for consignment to Poland. but always I'm following your blog <3

    1. awww thanks! always wondered if anybody actually reads this... I love you! :D

  2. Kangarooo said it all! I love this jacket. We just page through and smile like creeps.

    1. ain't nothin' wrong wit' a lil' cyber creepin'. NOTHIN'!!! :)