French Dog Blues

I will smile and thank you if you compliment me on this jacket, but don't you DARE ask me where I got it! haha.  I get very emotional thinking back on everything that led up to me inheriting this thing...

I thrifted my very first leather bomber (not this one) right after high school... getting ready for New York, I just couldn't move there without this city gal staple! ha!  I got into a pretty heated tug war/spit fight with some Italian dude who tried to steal it from my cart, and ended up getting kicked out of the store... but not empty handed! :D

Anyway, I rocked that jacket with everything.  I don't even know what the brand was, but it was perfectly broken in distressed leather with tons of zippers and I loved it!  LOVED :(

Fast forward to a crazy night in the city... dark hipster bar in Lower East Side... all the cool kids are throwing their trendy leathers in a corner... and hey, all I ever wanted was to be cool... sounds like a good idea... I just wanna dance... I'll deal with it later...

Went home with this...

It's Zara :-/ I think i shopped there once :)

Jacket: well, ya know now
Dress: Thrifted & hemmed floral
Shoes: Vintage. Leather lace up boots
Shades: H&M. Round sunnies
Hat: Vintage


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