Bluegrass & Gophers

Winter was fun. 

At least, the 2 weeks we had of it here!!! I can't believe I'm rockin' short sleeves already! :(  It's been over 70 degrees for a few days now, and it's only getting hotter. 

That reminds me that I need to plan my escape for the summer, 'cause there is noooo way I can survive the AZ heat again... I'm thinking on saving up for a solo Eurotrip.  It's been a while :)

ooh! And I may have watched Caddyshack the other day... teehee

Shirt: Thrifted. Striped pocket T
Pants: Vintage. High waist pinstriped cigarette trousers <3
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange. Suede lace up boots
Hat: Vintage. Plaid red pompon beret

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